How To Effectively Prevent The Growth Of Acne

How To Effectively Prevent The Growth Of Acne - For most adolescents, acne cause appears to be one of the big questions that should know the answer. With know the causes of the emergence of acne we can anticipate and do prevention so it can avoid it or at least be able to do handling properly.

How To Effectively Prevent The Growth Of Acne
What are roughly the causes of acne? The following will be reviewed some of the reasons that lead to the onset of acne on your face.

Before you find a way to remove acne, first we must understand what is acne and different types and a variety of causes-causes that trigger it. So in addition to heal, we can also know how to prevent it.

Acne is indeed has become a common problem for adolescents even parents who felt very disturbing and lose confidence. Acne is a scary Specter for the teens. In addition to causing any discomfort on the skin, acne growth can also make a person experiencing a crisis of confidence. Therefore, the required effective way to prevent the onset of acne problems.

Acne is a skin condition that results from blockage of oil and dead skin at the hair follicles. Generally appear on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, and back. Acne blackhead can be either white, black, blackheads freckles red lesions, even contain pus.

Many factors that affect the growth of acne, one of which is a hormone. The time of puberty, an increase in androgen hormones that cause the oil glands in the body to dilate and produce excess oil, that led to the formation of acne.

In addition to hormonal factors, drugs can also cause acne problems. Usually, drugs containing corticosteroids, androgen hormones, or lithium is the originator of the incidence of acne. Diet and stress can also be a factor that can aggravate the problem of the incidence of acne.

Here are some ways that you can do to help overcome at once to prevent the growth of acne, among other things:

  1. Wash your face twice a day with gentle products for the skin.
  2. Prevent acne irritant, like the rays of the Sun using sunscreen.
  3. Use cosmetics labeled noncomedogenic.
  4. Use oil-free facial Moisturiser.
  5. Keep your facial hair and keep it clean, and avoid holding the face.
  6. And avoid the habit of pressing the acne.

Acne scars can usually disappear after you successfully resolve acne problem itself.But it's good if you go to a dermatologist to consult about Your acne condition.

Usually, a dermatologist will give you a good acne treatment with topical medications such as a cream wipe, oral medications, and therapies. But if you want to remove acne scars that have been forming scar tissue, you can perform facial treatments like dermabrasion, laser or other methods.

Thus some factors cause the emergence of pimples on the face, chest, back or other parts. Hopefully with us knowing the causes of that we can know how to remove acne correctly and do prevention afterward.


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